Make the Right Roofing Choice

Choosing the right roof material is one of the most important decisions you are faced with when undertaking a new build or renovation. The roof generally makes up 30 per cent of the surface of your home and first impressions definitely count which can add significant value to your home, so it’s important to get it right.

Tiles are the ideal product when it comes to handling the tough New Zealand climate. Long-lasting, strong and beautiful, Monier products provide the protection you need for your most important assets – your family. 

Why Monier Roof Tiles are the Right Choice:

Tiles can create the right look for your home, whatever your style

Tiles come in a wide range of colours and profiles, so you can tailor the look you are after for your home.  We know that designing your home starts with your unique look and style, so whatever your style, whether it is the classic Hamptons, a more modern streamlined look or Mediterranean type style, tiles can blend in seamlessly with the exterior design. You can also choose from a range of different materials, Monier’s wide range of designer products will allow you to select the perfect addition to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Tiles are best suited for the New Zealand conditions

Our harsh weather and extreme climate changes can be tough on roofing materials. Unlike metal, concrete tiles don’t rust or corrode and terracotta tiles won’t fade over time.

Colour lasts longer on tiles

Unlike metal roofs, the colour in Monier’s terracotta clay tiles lasts forever, thanks to its manufacturing process, in which the colour is baked in at extremely high heats so the colour never fades.

Additionally, Monier’s standard concrete tiles offer CAT Colour, a water-based coating that promotes enduring colour and quality, helping to retain the look, beauty and re-sale value of your home.

Tiles are resilient and concrete tiles get stronger with age

Contrary to popular belief, tiles should not break if you walk on them in the correct place. Research has also shown that concrete tiles actually get stronger with age. In the unlikely case of a broken tile, you only need to replace the individual tile versus a whole sheet of damaged metal.

Tiles are resistant to high winds

Concrete tiles unique interlocking design and installation process makes them suitable for use in very high wind zones. Concrete tiles do not create the same hazard as long run roofing which in certain circumstances can lift the roof off.[5] 

Monier tiles come with warranties that you can trust

Monier terracotta roof tiles come with a 50-year performance and colour guarantee; while concrete roof tiles come with a 50-year performance guarantee.

Tiles can be used on low-pitched roofs

A number of products in Monier’s suite of roofing solutions are suitable for lower-pitched roofs.  Concrete tiles can reach a pitch of just 15 degrees with sarking, as can the Terracotta Nullarbor and Marseille profile tiles. The Terracotta Nouveau can reach 12 degrees with sarking. Additionally, the new The Elemental Lightweight Composite range can handle even flatter pitches – up to 10 degrees. 

[4] AWTA product testing completed July 2016. Testing ran for 2000 hours with cycles of 8 hours UV and 4 hours condensation exposure.
[5] Broughton, G, Shoalwater and Roleystone WA tornadoes – wind damage to buildings (2008) 


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