About roofing -
the facts

With over 100 years of protecting the people you love from the intense New Zealand conditions, Monier knows roofing.  Your roof takes up 30% of the external façade, it significantly contributes to the look of your home so you need to make the right choice for you and your family. 


Our Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles are specifically designed to withstand the intense New Zealand conditions and will not:

  • Rust or corrode near salt water
  • Dent in a hail storm
  • Fade. Monier's Terracotta range has a 50-year lifetime colour performance guarantee

We genuinely care for the New Zealand environment and protecting your home.

We were the first to launch an integrated SOLARtile™ to lower the energy consumption of New Zealand households leading to lower energy bills.

Concrete and Terracotta tiles have a lower embodied energy which means there is less energy consumed throughout the manufacturing process of a tiled roof compared to other roofing materials



In 2016, we underwent a customer immersion journey so we could learn more about you. As a result, we know that you want your roof to last longer and you’re tired of other roofing products fading in colour within two years of install, so we have products that will outperform other alternatives on the market.

  • Metal and solvent based roofing products will fade faster than Monier concrete and terracotta tiles.
  • Monier's Terracotta range has a 50-year lifetime colour performance guarantee. Our Terracotta tiles will not fade.
  • If you want to repaint or respray your roof with a new colour, we have a range of colour coatings that can be applied.


Monier’s Hacienda concrete tile can be laid down to a minimum pitch of 15 degrees with underlay and terracotta Nouveau tiles can be laid down to a minimum pitch of 20 degrees with underlay which will protect your home from leaking and help achieve the modern look.

Monier's range of composite lightweight panels can be installed at 10 degrees pitch to achieve that streamlined look and keep you safe from all the elements.


Monier is passionate about building roofs that last a lifetime to protect the people we love for generations to come.

  • Metal roofs have been “tested” for 50-years whilst Monier’s roof tiles have been proven for 100 years backed by a 50-year performance guarantee for concrete and terracotta.
  • Monier's range of composite lightweight has been specifically designed to withstand up to 300kg and retain its strength whilst being 10x lighter than tiles.
  • We continue to innovate around strength and durability to ensure your home is always strong and beautiful