A new Perspective

Kiwi farmer Johannes Roest added a contemporary look and feel to his rural lifestyle property with the brand-new Perspective concrete tile from Monier.

Monier’s new Perspective tile has found its perfect match in its first NZ customer; Johannes Roest.

The Kaukapakapa cattle farmer has become a big fan of the new roof tile – and Monier – after he re-roofed his existing home.

Johannes was originally looking at doing a minor roof repair when he strolled into the local Monier office, and after discussions with the expert team he chose to redo the entire roof – a decision he is totally happy with. 

The original roof had been leaking, and he realised that any repairs he did may only be temporary. He was pleased to learn that re-roofing his home was going to cost a lot less than he had anticipated and he’s now ended up with a stunning new look for his home with a roof that is guaranteed to last at least another 50 years.

Johannes is the first homeowner in NZ to use Perspective, which is an exciting new concrete tile profile from Monier. Its hardy characteristics perfectly suited the rural location, as it is long-lasting and will only get stronger with age. Monier’s expert installers also did a great job – “so professional”, says Johannes, so he’s confident leaks are a thing of the past.

“The whole process was incredibly easy,” says Johannes, and completed in a speedy three days.

The Monier team installed the new tiles in stages, allowing the family to continue living in their own home during the whole re-roof process.

They also managed to get it done within the owner’s tight time frames completing it before the Roest family took a long overseas holiday. 

Perspective is a contemporary style of tile and with its sleek, flat lines, it’s added a modern edge to an otherwise conventional farm house. Johannes chose Sambuca; a rich, strong black colour in keeping with modern design trends.  

The modern lines and contemporary colour has added a whole new look to the home, which Johannes loves. “I am really impressed with it,” says Johannes. “It looks really stunning.”


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