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Gorges -

dark, powerful & quiet

Deep ravines and dark crevices where the imagination can run wild. Extremes of darkness and light, coolness and warmth. Find solace and privacy in its atmospheric depths; share the lightness and brilliance at its peak. A place for individuality, daring and drama.

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Peninsula -

light, calmness & cool

That connection between land and sea that makes us feel both grounded and free. Rocks and sands contoured by the wind into flowing shapes and circles for calmness and retreat. Simple forms and clear sight lines across sand and water for the mind to wander

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Plateau -

honesty, warmth & shelter

The symbolic start and centre of our story. The soaring, searing landscape of outback deserts and the source of terracotta. Redolent with history and tradition, it is the touchstone for our future. A call for honesty, warmth and shelter. A real home.

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Tributaries -

life, nurtured & sustained

Flowing with life and energy. Connecting every facet of the natural and manmade world like a vast, ever-changing network. Crisscrossing our lives and lands at random but with meaningful purpose. Seeking out new paths that can be nurtured and sustained. An open home.