Add further protection to your roof. When planning a new roof consider adding underlay, insulation and ventilation. These work together with your tiles to provide additional comfort to your home.


Added layer of protection

Underlay is a must. It acts as an additional barrier from the intense New Zealand climate by preventing condensation and mould build up which can cause structural damage to your home.

A protective under-layer that acts as a barrier to all sorts of common roofing problems.

To protect your house and its value, the best place to start is with underlay .

Keeps you comfortable

It’s not just about prevention, underlay is a lifestyle solution. By reducing wind entry into the roof space, underlay assists the performance of thermal insulation used within the roof, improving the living conditions and comfort of your home.

Healthy Homes

This added layer lends many other advantages as well, such as reducing allergens in the household. Underlay acts as a defence against dust and pollen, preventing them from getting into your home and affecting the people who live within it.